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A Modern Bluebeard Part 1

Oh boy! So George Clark goes to trial in the 5th installment of Brother Kills Brother. Court becomes quite the spectacle but when they finally get going we learn George’s brother’s wife is not so innocent. She takes the stand and talks about taking Georges ‘honor’ when he was a teenager. We also have part 1 of the Modern Bluebeard, a polygamist with over two dozen wives. But he’s also a mass murderer as he seems to have killed at least four of his wives! Don’t miss this episode of Real Crime.



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Brother Kills Brother

Here I am again after a long-ish break. But I’m back. In this episode of Real Crime, we have part 4 of Brother Kills Brother. George Clark allegedly murdered his brother because he was in love with his wife. In this episode, George Clark is getting ready to go to trial. The sheriff is worried about a mob in St. Helena. Clark also makes a confession to his friends at the Salvation Army who come to visit him in jail to pray. The w writer of the article in the San Francisco Call sure paints George Clark in an awful picture!

Also, crazy mayhem breaks out during a giant BBQ in Denver at the turn of the century. What was supposed to a good time with Steers, Elk, Bears, and Possums to eat turned into a major brawl leaving at least one dead and others wounded.


Now please allow me to plug my novel: “The Last Girl” a mystery that follows unemployed reporter Dexter Vega as he searches for a missing girl. But when he goes to visit his client and tell him his daughter is in Mexico, the man has been killed. And Vega’s prints are all over the murder weapon. Vega now needs to find someone the missing girl in Mexico in order to clear his name before the cops get him!




In this podcast episode, we also have this weird request from a man headed to the gallows to be hung. He wants the revernd to make sure he is well buried because he doesn’t want his body to be snatched and used by medical students! Also, African-Americans gather for a voodoo dance in Chattanooga, and this has the white folks on edge.

A Family Murder Part 2

In this episode of Real Crime we have the second part of the murder of the Lyerly family in North Carolina. The 5 ‘negroes’ speak their piece from the jail in Charlotte. Also, there is the first part of the death of a man at the hand of his own brother. Brother kills brother. But the murderer, if indeed it is the brother, didn’t do a very good job of hiding his motive, and his tracks!

real crime with Danny Lopez

We also have the telling of a wifebeater getting lashed by the sheriff in the jail and this first person narrative of a ‘pacifist’ who was lecturing in Cincinnati in 1917 and he gets kidnapped and mistreated by ‘patriots’ who seem a lot like the KKK. Some of these articles from the Washington Times and the North Carolina Hickory Democrat have these not so subtle tone when talking about African-Americans, saying they things like: ‘This one was darker with black malevolent eyes and a mean disposition.’

It’s amazing to me how their prose shows their prejudice. Anyway, hope you enjoy this piece of history.

Vicious Murder of Young Girl

In this week’s episode, we get two horrible crimes. The first one is the discovery of the body of a 7-year old girl who has been viciously mutilated and buried in the basement. The suspect is at large. The newspaper narrates the investigation that leads to the subsequent discovery of the body and what the police are doing to find the killer. Also, we have another horrible crime when persons unknown brutally murder a man and 3 members of his family in their home in North Carolina. Apparently, they were killed by blows of an ax or other object and then the bed set on fire. But listen for yourself as the newspaper article from 1906 brings the tragic moment to life for us.

real crime with Danny LopezAlso, we have the wild narrative of a robbery and subsequent chase through the streets of New York City as two robbers hold up a hotel and then try and escape in a car and a taxi. This is like something out of a gangster flick from the 1920s with cops riding on the guardrails of a car, shooting at the getaway vehicle. Crazy but real as told from the pages of a vintage New York Tribune newspaper. Enjoy!

Woman Killed in North Carolina

In this episode, we continue with part 9 of the murder of Leoda Childress, that poor North Carolina girl who was shot in the heart with a .22 rifle. The mystery continues! We also have the first part of the death of a bank ‘runner’. This man was transporting over $65 grand from a bank in New Jersey to a bank in Philly when he disappeared. Now a group of hunters have found his body in a shallow grave in the woods. And he’s wearing brand new clothes and shoes that have seen no wear. Did he abscond with the cash and was then killed, or was he kidnapped and killed for the money?

real crime with Danny LopezTune in for more crime from the past 200 years. In this episode, we also have a murder from the late 1800s where a woman kills her husband and a different case where a man brings charges against a jealous wife who shot him in the leg after she saw his picture where he is sitting by a cardboard cutout of a woman. What’s this world coming to?

Family jailed for murder of 20-year-old girl

Real Crime. True Crime stories from newspapers from the last 200 years continues with part 8 of the 1934 murder mystery of Leoda Mae Childress, a 20-year-old North Carolina woman. The Tilley family has been arrested and accusations and alibis fly back and forth as the prosecutor tries to make a case. Was it suicide or murder?

real crime with Danny LopezAlso in this podcast there is the detailed investigation into the murder of an old prospector in Arizona. All the details show us how the murder occurred, but it does not offer any clues as to the culprits. We also have the flare up of a feud in rural Mississippi in the late 1800s, where a three-time prison escapee terrorizes the town and his own father is later lynched by a mob. And our final note is a bizarre bit about a woman whose bedding combusts. Yes, different parts of her bed are catching fire—on their own!

Final Episode of The Great Circus Murder!

Yes, this episode of Real Crime has the 12th and final installment of the great circus murder of Honest John Brunen. At last the trial of the circus folk comes to a close and the jury delivers its verdict. Drama and conclusion wrap up this long mystery. Was justice served?

real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode of Real Crime we have part 7 of the mystery murder of who killed Leoda Childress, the 20-year-old girl in rural North Carolina. In this installment, the Tilley’s are arrested as evidence is outlined with detailed testimony from various neighbors and friends of Leoda. The big question remains about the infamous note and whether Leoda’s death was a suicide or murder. It sure doesn’t look good for the Tilley clan!

The Great Circus Murder Part 11

In this podcast of Real Crime, we have the final installment of the murder of Florence Allinson in rural New Jersey as Rufus Johnson and George Small head to the gallows. The description of their hanging is told in extreme detail. Part 11 of the long saga of the Great Circus Murder of ‘Honest’ John Brunen has some pointed testimony and opinions from Mrs. Doris Brunen and her step-daughter Hazel. The magistrate has announced the trial will wrap up before Christmas.

real crime with Danny Lopez

And also in this podcast we have the continuation of the mystery of the who killed Leoda Childress. If you’ve been following this case, you know the murder is now connected to the murder of Andrew Eldridge who was found dead in a lake in 1927. This 6th installment of the series looks at the handwriting of the notes in both cases but focuses on the two men arrested for Andrew’s murder.

The Great Circus Murder Part 10

The Real Crime serials are coming to a close as Geoge Small goes to trial for the murder of Florence Allinson in rural North Carolina and Doris Brunen and Harry Mohr go on trial for the murder of ‘Honest’ John Brunen in part 10 of this long-running saga. And finally there is the continuation of the mystery of who killed Leoda Childress.

real crime with Danny Lopez

If you haven’t kept up and are new to these serials, please go back and listen to the earlier podcasts so you can get the whole story. These stories are read directly from newspaper accounts from back in the day. The narrative follows the dispatches from correspondents writing for the newspapers. The murder-mysteries are investigated by detectives and then go to trial. Enjoy!

The Great Circus Murder Part 9

Murder investigations, grand jury inquiries, and trials are all in this episode of Real Crime. This episode has part 9 of the murder of circus owner ‘Honest’ John Brunen. The narrative is colorful as the defense of Harry Mohr is set to begin. We also get a detailed account of Harry Mohr’s and his sister Doris Brunen’s life in the Mount Holly jail.real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode of Real Crime we now come to part 7 of the inquiry into what part Small might’ve played in the murder of Florence Allinson. Small has pled not guilty!

We also have part 4 of the investigation into the mystery of who killed poor Leoda Childress in rural North Carolina tobacco country. There are a lot of witnesses and a lot of evidence. And the note! It appears the note has the same handwriting as a note that appeared a few years earlier when a man was hung and his body tossed in the local lake. Crazy shit going on in North Carolina!

And for a final bit, I read a Western Union telegram written by Clyde Barrow, leader of the Barrow Gang, and lover of Bonnie Parker—yes, both known better as Bonnie and Clyde. Enjoy!